God is calling YOU to pray

Prayer is an absolute MUST

Prayer is not for intercessors only, it is for every believer. Gone are the days when we depend on intercessors and prayer warriors to do the praying.

Today we either pray or faint

We must keep on praying for the nations and our local communities. The Devil’s plan is for us to relent and quit praying altogether so he could have his way. In my prayer time this morning the Lord showed me how distracted we have become by all that’s been happening in our personal lives and the rapid changes that are taking place around us. How much we have made the News our source of advice and not the WORD. The News should serve as a source of information but the place we turn to for godly living is WORD OF GOD. God’s standards for human lives have not changed and will never change.

Pray with authority

We have been so caught up that our ability to pray objectively about issues have been greatly affected. Now is the time to refocus our attention back to the WORD and PRAYER. What the Lord has impressed on my heart is that; we feel like we are praying but God isn’t doing anything and changes are happening any. This is where the Lord reminded me about the storms the disciples faced while Jesus was on the boat. Jesus was right there but the impact of the storm was so great it was as if he wasn’t there. He was sleeping and this was an opportune time for the disciples to operate in the same authority and power Jesus used. We are not much different we must also take the word and use our authority to declare what the WORD says and stop being afraid or angry.

There is Strength in numbers

As Believers we are the SALT of the earth, we are the LIGHT of the word, Jesus lives in us, therefore we already possess all that’s needed to shake nations. There are millions of believers around the world. What if we all pray fervently? What if we all pray without ceasing? What we all just get down and pray until some significant godly changes takes place? What if by our prayers we strengthen the hands and courage of righteous leaders in power, instead of criticizing them? What if one chase a thousand, how much would tens of thousands accomplish or even million of believers?

Your prayer has great impact

The impact of our prayers are eternal and far reaching. “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds 2 Corinthians 10:4.” We are reminded that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective (James 5:16). Our prayers are powerful and effective when we without preconceived notions invite God to accomplish his purpose in what we are prayer for. Prayer connects we who are finite with an infinite, all knowing God ready and willing to hear the prayer of the righteous.

Charles Stanley says, “Praying doesn’t alter God’s purposes or plans, nor does it cause Him to change His mind. What He has decided will occur, and His decisions will be exactly the right ones to accomplish what He wants to achieve.”

There is more with us than against us. Greater is he who resides in us. Colossians 4:2 says we are to devote ourselves to prayer. Prayer is every believer’s mandate, so pray and keep on praying. If you know today that your prayer would make a great impact would you pray more often? You and I have a responsibility to pray let’s do it.

Be blessed.
Advancing the kingdom of God in the earth

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